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This IS the Show!

Avatarism Founder Alexander Polinsky

[Archived Blog Post]

Do not refuse the call, that leads to insanity and death. The call is your own destiny crying out to be realized. The fact is… you ARE here. This is the playing field, the platform, the stage. There is no tomorrow, no next moment, no future. The now is where everything takes place, and right now is the moment of truth. So let’s be truthful to our inner child who only wants to play, grow, learn and be loved. It’s time.

Look in the eyes, scan for playmates. Like-minded Avatars are everywhere. Those who strive to be awesome, responsible and powerful. There is a tribe waiting to accept you for all you are, and support you in all you want to be. Do you want to shine? Find us. Do you want to dance? Dance with us. Do you want to be a star? Burn with us. Do you want to really live? You are one of us… All ready.

Today I complete another Avatar task, JOINING CIRQUE DU SOLEIL! A childhood dream realized, this group represents the pinnacle of grace, adventure and whimsy in entertainment. I am, I am, I am alive and beautiful. Thank you universe and all my ancestors that came before me, thank you gods and goddesses for nurturing my spirit, and thank you irReverend Alexander for being my closest inner companion who pushes on despite adversity. 

Never give up the fight for excellence. The work is constant and without end. Live well, grow well, die well. ALL IS WELL.

You are Avatar,

irRev. Alex 

Originally posted on May 27, 2010