The Re-Emergence of Personal Mythos

This is an amazing article by Wesley Thoricatha that was posted on It outlines the connections between Avatarism, transformational festivals and our ability to change ourselves through consciousness.  Enjoy! “We can become the stars of our own lives, instead of the downtrodden victims of life. Change the script, change the movie. Write your life. … Continue reading The Re-Emergence of Personal Mythos

The Definition of Avatarism

Avatarism had its start at the Burning Man festival,  but its roots are deep in the ancient sanskrit idea of “Avatara.” Loosely translated it means gods inhabiting human bodies and walking the earth, but that is a narrow explanation. Avatarism is how a group of people, all over the world, seem to have developed or learned God-like or … Continue reading The Definition of Avatarism

This IS the Show!

[Archived Blog Post] Do not refuse the call, that leads to insanity and death. The call is your own destiny crying out to be realized. The fact is… you ARE here. This is the playing field, the platform, the stage. There is no tomorrow, no next moment, no future. The now is where everything takes … Continue reading This IS the Show!

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